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Lichten & Bright P.C., Experienced New York Labor and Employment Lawyers who put their clients’ interests first. We help people stand up for their rights in the workplace.

Employment Discrimination & Sexual Harassment

Employment discrimination laws prohibit discrimination in hiring, firing, compensation and other terms and conditions of employment based on gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy or marital status. These laws also protect employees from sexual, racial, religious and other forms of prohibited harassment on the job. Our lawyers have successfully represented working class, white collar, professional and executive-level employees in employment discrimination and hostile work environment cases. If you believe you have been subjected to unlawful discrimination or harassment at your job, and you'd like to discuss your options with an experienced employment attorney, contact us.

Labor Law

Lichten & Bright, P.C., represents labor unions, and individual union members and civil servants, in labor-management relations and disputes, helping them enforce their rights under collective bargaining agreements and federal, state and local labor laws. Our labor lawyers regularly represent labor unions and employees in court, at arbitration, and in administrative proceedings, including civil service trials and Education Law ' 3020-a hearings.

Election Law

Our lawyers advise candidates for public office on ballot access and campaign finance law issues and litigate election law disputes in court, defending and challenging candidate designating petitions. We also represent candidates and political committees in their dealings with the New York State and City Boards of Elections, the New York City Campaign Finance Board and the Federal Election Commission.

Wage Claims

Our firm represents employees who are owed money by their employers. Whether you have an overtime wage claim, a claim for minimum wage violations, a claim for unpaid commissions, or a tip stealing claim, we can explain your legal rights to you and, if you have a valid claim, help you recover the money you're owed. If you believe you are the victim of wage theft by a past or present employer, talk to an experienced employment lawyer. Learn your rights and stand up for yourself. Don't allow yourself to be exploited. Give us a call or contact us through our website..

Employment Contracts & Separation Agreements

Our attorneys can answer your questions about a separation agreement your employer asks you to sign, suggest changes to the one-sided language these agreements usually contain and help you try to negotiate better terms. We also provide advice to employees regarding employment contracts, both before they are signed and after they have been signed and actual or potential disputes arise. And our lawyers represent employees in lawsuits brought against them by former employers who have accused them of violating a non-compete, non-solicit or non-disclosure agreement.

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