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New York Age Discrimination Lawyers

New York Age Discrimination LawyerAge discrimination is an extremely pervasive problem. Older employees are often targeted by employers, who buy into or peddle stereotypes about declining energy or creativity and the supposed benefits of young blood. Often, employers believe that their customers prefer to deal with younger people and that a more youthful image, or a younger staff, will benefit their business.

Despite its ubiquitous nature, and frequently obvious presence, age discrimination is illegal and employees who are the victims of age discrimination can sometimes recover substantial settlements or judgments. Although the requirements for proving age discrimination under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act can be quite difficult to meet, the New York City Human Rights Law, which protects employees who work in New York City, provides far more robust protection to employees who are discriminated against because of their age. And unlike the federal statute, there is no requirement under NYC Law (or New York State law) that the person being discriminated against be at least forty years old.

Age discrimination can put a premature end to a career that took many years of hard work and loyal service to develop. But people who have been the victims of age discrimination in NYC can and do fight back. Our experienced New York age discrimination lawyers believe that employees whose legal rights have been violated should stand up for themselves. And we’re committed to helping them. Contact our office today through our website or call us at:


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