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The labor and employment lawyers at Lichten & Bright, P.C. are committed to helping New York City employees –from blue collar workers to professionals and executives– stand up to their employers, whether that means trying to negotiate a fair deal, avoiding a potential dispute, or litigating legal claims at arbitration or in court.

If you think your legal rights have been violated by your employer, or you need legal or strategic advice from an experienced New York City employment lawyer, call us at (646) 588–4870 or submit an inquiry through our website and one of our attorneys will promptly contact you.

NYC Lawyer Stuart Lichten

Stuart Lichten

While the main focus of Stuart’s practice is in the areas of labor and employment law, Stuart also advises and represents political candidates in election law and campaign finance law matters…

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New York Employment Lawyer Daniel Bright

Daniel Bright

Dan advises and represents individual employees and labor unions in labor and employment law matters. He regularly helps employees negotiate employment contracts and severance…

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Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination laws prohibit discrimination in hiring, firing, layoffs, promotions, or compensation on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, national origin or ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy or marital status. These laws also protect employees from harassment in the workplace — generally referred to as a “hostile work environment” — based on their membership in one of these protected classes.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Racial Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination

Age Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

Wage Claims

Lichten & Bright, P.C.’s employment lawyers represent employees who are owed money by their employers. Whether you have an overtime wage claim, a claim for minimum wage violations, a claim for unpaid commissions, or a tip stealing claim, we can explain your legal rights to you and, if you have a valid claim, help you recover the money you’re owed.

Wage Claims

Tip Pooling & Tip Stealing

Overtime Law & Minimum Wage Law

Serving New Yorkers

Lichten & Bright, P.C.’s experienced attorneys represent New Yorkers looking for professional advice regarding employment contracts and separation agreements, New York union members, and New Yorkers running for office.

Employment Contracts & Separation Agreements

Election Law

Labor Law

I needed an employment lawyer to review my separation agreement and was under a very tight deadline. Dan got back to me right away. He was extremely knowledgeable and responsive. He took the time to listen to my situation, explain to me all my options and advise me on the best next steps…

I had never worked with an attorney before and Dan made the process extremely smooth and comfortable. You can trust him to give you honest and helpful advice. I would highly recommend his services.

AvatarSara F., on Yelp

Stuart is a real professional. I was very unsure about how to handle my situation so I came to him with a long list of questions. He listened patiently and answered them, quelling my fears and making me feel confident about moving forward. Not only was the settlement more than expected it was also paid out within 4 months. I was expecting it to take at least a year. Thanks to Stuart I was able to finally leave a toxic environment and get the money that was rightfully mine.

Drew W.Drew W., on Yelp

Spend a good time addressing my situation. Mr Dan was very knowledgeable in my cival service labor situation. Lets just say its a long and complicated case. So having an attorney that is as prepared and subject expert in NYC labor laws as Mr Bright is, gives the edge I want. Definitely the right choice.

AvatarRobert R., on Yelp

Daniel Bright put me at ease during our first consultation. He spent time patiently listening and asking the right questions to understand the entirety of my situation. Once my options were clear, he did not hesitate and shared other employment scenarios and outcomes, which gave me a much better perspective on employment law. Thank you, Dan!

Sabine P.Sabine P., on Yelp

I reached out to this firm a couple of years ago regarding a case of retaliatory termination. Stuart was very helpful and patient throughout the process. He answered all of my questions and kept me updated. Needless to say that he won my case and I was very happy with the settlement. I will definitely be seeking their services again should I need them in the future.

AvatarKitty K., on Yelp

Dan reviewed my employment contract before I quit my job. The process was straightforward, and Dan was easy to work with.

When I subsequently received a new job offer and needed the documents reviewed quickly, Dan was able to get back to me the next day with a comprehensive review of them.

AvatarJohn B., on Yelp

I have nothing but good things to say about Stuart Lichten. When my union was not there for me Stuart was, he has worked tirelessly in getting me what I deserve when I was retaliated against for bringing unfair working conditions to DCAS labor relations. He has kept me informed every step of the way whether good or bad and so far went above and beyond in trying to get me the award I deserve. If your union turns its back on you, don’t think it’s over, call Stuart and he will lead you in the right direction, he knows exactly where to attack and is very knowledgeable in civil service law. It will be well worth it…

AvatarChristopher F., on Yelp

Daniel Bright took the time to thoroughly go over my employment contract and an associated contract (that was considerably long) and found a variety of cases that supported my stance.

He explained everything clearly and I felt much better about my situation when I left. I will be going to them with any and all legal employment questions in the future.

Dan W.Dan W., on Yelp